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Chopcoin is an interactive Bitcoin faucet, combining crypotocurrency with a competitive multiplayer game. This means you can win some Bitcoin by playing with other players for free. Furthermore Chopcoin is a community of cryptocurrency enthusiast and you are rewarded for participating. We aim to provide beginners with a challenging fun experience to learn about Bitcoin and own their first satoshis (smallest denomination of Bitcoin – 0.00000001 Bitcoin).

We offer three different ways of winning Bitcoin:

1. Play in the playgrounds
Here you compete with other players and might win some Bitcoin based on your skill. Currently we have three different playgrounds all evolving around the same basic game.
In Faucet you compete with other players for a fixed period of time after which the round ends and the top 15 players win Bitcoin according to their rank. Afterwards a new round starts and you can try your luck again.

The playground King of the Hill doesn’t have rounds of a specific time. Instead players compete endlessly to become the biggest blob in the game and thus gain the crown. If you can defend your position at the top for at least three minutes you will win Bitcoin. Only the leading player wins but naturally he wins more and does so every three minutes as long as he stays King of the Hill.

You can play in both playgrounds for free. However, the Paid playground requires you to pay some Bitcoin into a pot to participate. This playground works just like the Faucet playground with rounds of a limited duration but since all players pay to play the reward might be higher – after the round ends the pot is split among all remaining players according to their respective score. Before playing make sure to check how much the buy-in fee in the current round is as it differs regularly. Also verify whether or not team mode is enabled – in team mode all players are assigned automatically to one of two teams and the winning team splits the pot among themselves equally.

2. Click the claim button
You can claim a small random amount of Bitcoin (5-15 satoshis) every 30 minutes. To do so just click the claim button on the upper left.

3. Participate in the community
Our rainbot rewards players who engage with the community via chat. Just talk to other players about the game, discuss the newest developments in crypto or help answering questions and the bot will recognize you as active and send some Bitcoin your way. Heck, other players might even tip you if you’re helpful or funny thus increasing your Bitcoin further.

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