How to stay safe

Cryptocurrencies can be a dangerous place when it comes to safety. To avoid loosing your money from scammer or hackers, be sure to follow these rules!

  1. Store your private key somewhere safe (e.g. print it or write it down and store it in a safe)
  2. Use passworts that are long and never use one password for multiple services
  3. Never send cryptocurrencies to someone you don’t know; always check for identity and avoid shady ICOs
  4. Use 2-factor authentification where it is possible
  5. Use a hardware wallet like the ledger nano s for storing large amounts of cryptocurrencies
  6. Always check the URL of the site you are on. It must have https:// and the correct spelling. Never do something on a site like for example
  7. Be aware that the market of cryptocurrencies is a high volatile market; never invest money you cant afford to loose


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